"We jam. We flow. We vyz. Every time we play,
everything is new. We first record the music and then produce the movies."
—John Pritchard (drums/keys/visuals)


"Great Music."
Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records

Read about SEE THE MUSIC at Audiophile Review - 2/1/17

SEE THE MUSIC Trailer - Video Streaming/Download

Making Movies from ImproVyZed Music
Streams of Highly Creative Musical Energy
with Great Visuals

Rich Damone
Charlie Tokarz
: Sax, Flute, Clarinet, EWI
John Pritchard: Drums, Keyboards, Visuals

Special Guest
Adam Holzman: Keyboards

Produced by
Rich Damone & John Pritchard

July 2016

Vyz: Freedom


"The visuals (from SEE THE MUSIC) revolve around computerized technology called Aeon by SoundSpectrum. Indeed, the pulsing, shape-shifting modern psychedelic images seem to dance in perfect synergy with the music, which is no small feat given that what they are playing is largely free form, jazz type music. The visuals have been augmented with really cool snippet imagery from nature, everything from worker Ants clamoring out of their nests to Rams bucking horns to people dancing. Somehow, the images complement the wordless music to deliver a higher message."
—Mark Smotroff - excerpt from Audiophile Review, February 1, 2017

  "Totally Improvised music can sometimes sound forced, unfocused and wandering. These musicians have broken that mold and created an album that sounds modern and fresh. Each track has it’s own distinct vibe with new and interesting sounds.. The vibe based improvisations have elements of free jazz, contemporary classical and electronica that work together creating a truly eclectic sound. If you’re into music with irony and surprise, this is one album to add to your collection!"
—Jane Getter - Guitarist, Saturday Night Live Band alum

  "New music from VyZ. A great band focused on almost pure spontaneous improvisation - very much in a Miles Davis Bitches Brew style. It's great to hear musicians listening to each other so closely and proving that one band can sound like one mind."
—Rick Calic, Jazz Rock World

  "David Byrne of the Talking Heads once, famously, remarked that, 'Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.' But, that’s not true. I now know that heaven is the place where the movie for this soundtrack gets made! If only there was a movie good enough here on Earth, I’d be there! Each cut on 'Freedom: See the Music' has an upliftng tale to tell, and it doesn’t need a movie to tell it. More great work from VyZ!"
—Perry Vayo, Infonouveau

  "Truth, by VyZ is a fusion of classic and progressive jazz sounds accentuated by masterful improvisations in flute, bass, keyboards and drums showcasing a stylish genre for films."
—Danny Concepcion, ChampageDj


"I’ve recently been reading about Mindfullness, or paying attention with purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally. With reference to sounds, mindfulness is greeting sounds without attaching meaning and to simply experience them as they are, as sonic events with their own qualities.

I attended to the sonic event that is Vyz’s Freedom album as one uncertainly returning to free improvisation, not having attempted to listen through such music since my postgraduate days over ten years ago. Too soon I began hunting for points of reference, attaching meanings and seeking anything around which to orient my experience. Was that Miles’ In a Silent Way? Is this section King Crimson improvising in the early 2000s, as something Mellotron-like swirled by in-between electronic beats, bleeps and whirring? Even sounds from Orbital’s In Sides album assailed me, such that I had to go listen to a few tracks from that record before returning to this one.

As I listened more I began to drop some of these expectations and comparisons and, instead, hear what was there – the sounds and their interconnections. As Vyz put it, this music is “just the pure, uninhibited sound created on the spot...”, and that’s what I take for this great record, the drive to listen freely, to listen mindfully and escape the expectations set up by sounds I know. Highlights for me included the gentle groove of The Climb and Rich Damone’s seemingly backward bass lines; Charlie Tokarz’ harmonised sax on the opening title track; John Pritchard’s electronic groves slicing through the nebulous space of Land Ho; and, throughout, Adam Holzman’s enveloping harmonic voice.

Hearing Orbital, Miles, John Zorn, Pink Floyd, Keith Jarrett, King Crimson and a million other things is what I brought to the music and Vyz helped me to hear beyond this, to listen with greater clarity and divested of some measure of expectation.

To write a review of VyZ’s music as an insider- a Free Improv aficionado- would be meaningless and, I hope, immediately exposed as a man talking nonsense. Maybe my perspective will make you go out and pick up VyZ’s Freedom for yourself. Better to call it ‘freeing improvisation’.

5 Stars

—Adam Moore, Guitarist, Swung by Seraphim on iTunes


Click below to listen to each track (MP3):

1. Freedom

2. Circustime

3. On The Border

4. The Dream

5. The Milky Way

6. New Day

7. The Climb

8. Truth

9. The Answer

10. Land Ho

11. Freedom March

12. Miles To Go

Making Movies from ImproVyZed Music

"We jam. We flow. We VyZ. Every time we play, everything is new. We first record the music and then produce the movies."
—John Pritchard, getmorecreative.com

"VyZ" is all about improvised, spontaneous music...music performed freely in the moment...no rehearsing... no writing songs... just the pure, uninhibited sound created on the spot... not to mention, the sheer joy of playing with an amazing group of talented musicians. "Freedom" is the fourth time Miles Davis keyboardist, Adam Holzman, has been a special guest on our album/DVD projects.

As a multimedia band, VyZ began playing together in the spring of 2003. The band has always had a cinematic quality to its sound and the "Making Movies from ImproVyZed Music" slogan has become an easy way to classify the VyZ style. While initially producing live imagery with the amazing G-force visualization software, the group soon began improvising with movies from the Prelinger Film Archive, NASA, and the Library of Congress. On their new FREEDOM DVD, SEE THE MUSIC (July 2016), the visuals are a mix of original video, motion graphics, and computer programming. Visit the 2017 SEE THE MUSIC art exhibition at johnstanleypritchard.com.

VyZ has previously produced three "Making Movies from ImproVyZed Music" DVDs: UNUM (2003), NOVUS (2004), and STAR CYCLES (2006).


Rich Damone - bass

Rich is a world-class bassist who innovates with electronic technology. He has performed with jazz legends such as Sam Rivers, Archie Shepp, Dave Liebman, Kenny Kirkland and the infamous Sun Ra drummer, Clifford Jarvis. Rich was the co-founder of The American Music Workshop and also a founding member of the highly acclaimed "Pure Sound Collective." He began his music career as a regular performer in the legendary "jazz-loft" sessions at Studio RivBea with Sam Rivers in New York City. Rich has also performed with other great musicians such as Jimmy Giuffre, Rob Zantay (Mr. Lyricon), Douglas Zantay, Gary Goldfarb, Val Michalski, John Simon, Jameel Moondoc, Ray Anderson, John Wolf, Royal Hartigan and Kenny Aronoff. Rich is R & D Director at Pritchard Digital Arts and is responsible for special projects and managing the band.

Charlie Tokarz - sax, flute, clarinet, wind controller (EWI)

Charlie is a multi-talented horn player and one of the only musicians who plays two saxes at the same time with multi-layered electric effects. He has performed with jazz masters Pharoah Sanders, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and Larry Coryell, as well as with Ed Mann of the Frank Zappa band and Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers. He has also played with bands at the White House, Today Show, 92nd Street Y, MASS MOCA, Merce Cunningham Studios, Club Helsinki and recorded music for HBO. He has performed regularly with master drummer Bob Weiner at Earth Dance and Kripalu Yoga Center, and recorded and performed with the group Shakti Fusion in New York and the Caribbean. When he is not playing music, Charlie teaches at Hotchkiss School in CT and the Steiner School in Great Barrington, MA.

John Pritchard - drums, percussion, keyboards, and visuals

John is a multimedia pioneer and an award-winning digital artist and filmmaker (getmorecreative.com). He is also an electro-acoustic drummer who plays an acoustic set with midi drums and keyboards simultaneously. He has performed with "Blood, Sweat & Tears" saxophonist, Fred Lipsius; Native American flute master, Ken Littlehawk; and legendary drummer, Jack DeJohnette at St. John The Divine Cathedral in NYC. In 2001, John launched Pritchard Digital Arts as a training and consulting company for specializing in digital filmmaking and interactive design for dvds and the web. He has traveled all over the world since living in Argentina from '69 to '72 and was awarded his first grant to film in China in 1983. He has produced commercial CD-ROMs for Microsoft, Canon, and McGraw-Hill, as well as, live concert webcasts, digital movies and award-winning multimedia web sites. In addition to the VyZ DVD movies, John is currently screening his Australian documentary, ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT, about the 40,000 year old Yolngu people (onehearttribe.com) and on February 1, 2017 launched YOUR GUIDE TO INDIGENOUS WISDOM on iTunes University featuring videoclips from the ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT film. Visit HELP CREATE A KINDER WORLD to download the free PDF containing the same content as the iTunes University course: createkinderworld.org. John has also collaborated with Adam Holzman on a website project celebrating the amazing animation of the Fleischer Brothers' 1941-43 classic Superman films: www.pritcharddigital.com/superman. In addition, John runs the www.jazz-rock.com site with Adam for a hardcore audience of adventurous and progressive fusion fans.

Special Guest:
Adam Holzman
- keyboards

Adam Holzman is simply one of the most innovative musicians on the planet (adamholzman.com). "Keyboard" magazine named him one of the top 10 players in the world, "Down Beat" lauded his "killer groove" and the "New York Times" and the "Washington Post" have praised his live performances. Adam currently tours the world to sold out concerts with the Steven Wilson band. He has played and recorded with legendary artists such as Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and Grover Washington. In addition to his incredible keyboard work, he has produced several Miles Davis projects for Sony and Warner Bros. Adam has also produced several albums with his own band, Brave New World, and played with the amazing Wallace Roney quintet with Lenny White and Buster Williams. Adam is a faculty member of the Jazz and Contemporary Music Program at the New School University in NYC. His phenomenal contribution to the VyZ music/soundtracks is nothing short of genius!

©2017 VyZ. All Rights Reserved

Track 3. On The Border
Each track has its own visual counterpart thanks to SoundSpectrum. Video Streaming/Download
available July 4, 2016.


A Note from the Band:

As astronomy has proven for centuries, the Universe operates with amazing precision, balance and harmony ...it has a life of its own ...everything spinning ...everything vibrating in motion. While analytical science and mathematics provide an excellent understanding of our physical existence, modern man remains largely ignorant to the reality of human intuition and imagination. We leave the subject of world religions to others to discuss. Our experience in playing music is an artistic endeavor we would rather not label as "religious," although it is definitely full of spirit. Having an open mind to new ideas and experiences is always the playful method we prefer: we do believe anything can happen!

In the 21st century, we are just beginning to increase our understanding of the more mystical, sixth sense. To any genius in history, especially the great artists and scientists, the reality of using their sixth sense is a pre-requisite for success. Intuiting the whole picture, "seeing" the answer, is a natural result of connecting the dots in anything we do. It is indeed a very "normal" human process and as an improvisational band, one we enjoy putting into practice.

It is only in recent years that the world is seriously discussing spirituality in science, or the advanced study of the invisible forces that are everywhere present in our Universe. Tesla called it "Radiant Energy." Quantum physics calls it "Cosmic Rays." While the many religions around the world refer to this Universal energy as "God," we simply call it FREEDOM... and just like the American motto "In God We Trust," it is IN FREEDOM WE TRUST. It is this very freedom that allows us to play our music with such spontaneous synchronicity. Freedom is the attitude that provides us with the opportunity to grow and thrive as a band!

It is in this optimistic light of free expression that we members of VyZ celebrate our improvisational music and unique filmmaking approach.

We hope you enjoy our creative efforts and look forward to your feedback at any time.

Charlie, Rich, & John



Having an open mind to new ideas is always the playful method we prefer. We dedicate our music to all the great improvisers past, present and future... especially Sam Rivers.


Special Guest: Adam Holzman - keyboards